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Contoh Resensi Bahasa Inggris – Sebagai seorang siswa siswi kamu pasti pernah kan ditugaskan guru bahasa Inggris mu untuk membuat resensi bahasa Inggris dari sebuah film, cerita, maupun kartun. Nggak usah bingung, Cahpeni akan berikan contohnya. Berikut di bawah ini adalah contoh resensi bahasa Inggris.

Film Title            : Car Scratch Funny Episode’s Mr Bean Official
Sutradara                    : Peter Bennett Jones
Creation                      : Sue Vertue
Studio                         : Thames television
Distributor           : Fremantle (Previous Tearson Television International)(1990-1995)
Year Publish                : 15 December 1995
Character Mr Bean       : Rowan Atkinson

Mr Bean is a character man that smart and funny. Even, he often get problem because his doing own. Mr Bean always go with mini cooper cars that green colour, and he always bring doll which name is teddy.  


  • Plot story nice, because contain element comedy in the story
  • Story is not borimg
  • Many episode’s and film’s
  • Many music’s and backsound’s
  • All the episode’s very entertaining
  • Many fan’s


  • Speaking style Mr Bean difficult understood
  • There is some episode’s that not feasible for children below age

Serial Animation:

  1. Hot Date / Wanted
  2. The Ball / Toothache
  3. Haircut / Neighbourly Bean
  4. Art Thief / Scaredy Bean
  5. A Royal Makeover / Super Marrow
  6. Car Trouble / Resturant
  7. Gadget Kid / Visitor
  8. Nurse! / Dead Cat
  9. Cat Sitting / The Bottle
  10. Birthday Bear / The Mole
  11. In the Wild / Missing Teddy
  12. Royal Bean / Young Bean
  13. Hopping Mad / A Grand Invitation
  14. Big TV / Keyboard Capers
  15. Goldfish / Inventor
  16. A Running Battle / Egg and Bean
  17. Bean in Love / Double Trouble
  18. No Parking / Bean’s Bounty
  19. Artful Bean / The Fly
  20. Mime Games / Spring Clean
  21. No Pets / Ray of Sunshine
  22. Roadworks / Sofa
  23. Camping / Chocks Away
  24. In the Pink / Dinner for Two
  25. Treasure / Homeless
  26. Super Trolley / Magpie


Original Soundtrack

  1. Finis Partis Primae
  2. Ecce Homo Qui Est Faba
  3. Vale Homo Qui Est Faba



  1. Mr. Bean
  2. Do It Yourself Mr. Bean
  3. Back to School Mr. Bean
  4. Tee Off Mr. Bean
  5. Good Night Mr. Bean
  6. Hair by Mr. Bean of London
  7. Bus Stop
  8. Library
  9. The Return of Mr. Bean
  10. The Curse of Mr. Bean
  11. Mr. Bean Goes to Town
  12. The Trouble with Mr. Bean
  13. Mr. Bean Rides Again
  14. Merry Christmas Mr. Bean
  15. Mr. Bean in Room 426
  16. Mind the Baby Mr. Bean



  1. Mr Beans: holiday
  2. Mr Beans: Ultimate Disaster movie


Comic Relief

  1. Torvil and Bean
  2. Red Nose Day
  3. Blind Date
  4. Wedding
  5. Funeral

My Opinion

My opinion is very entertaining, congratulation Mr Bean.


Nah mungkin itulah resensi dari fim Mr Bean. Terimaksaih telah membaca artikel ini, sekian dan terimakasih.

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